Association Medicinal Cannabis Spain

11349214_763823220411190_978045737_aAssociation Medicinal Cannabis Spain is a legally registered non-profit association based in Malaga Province which aims to provide medical grade cannabis and cannabis products to its members with our focus on members who have a legitimate medicinal need.

The association was born out of the information websites we created more than a decade ago when our presidente started to treat his friend for symptoms of M.S. The success of the treatments were life changing and it led to relocating to Spain where the laws for personal growing and experimenting were far less intimidating.

Currently we are have our full quota of members requiring high THC medicine but we are accepting pre-membership applications so if you have an address here in Spain and would like further information or would like to apply for membership then please view our becoming a member page.

We are also part of an organic association with our own hemp farms and create legal cbd products for retail

We are not a ‘smokers club’.