Organic CBD Oil

Our legal, organic CBD oil is produced under licence with the CBDnetwork here in the south of Spain.

According to numerous clinical CBD studies and experiences of patients, CBD could be an effective adjutant medicine to traditional treatments, avoiding or reducing the use of other traditional drugs with serious side effects for a wide range of ailments such as seizures, pain management, the treatment of the side effects of chemotherapy and radiotherapy, fibromyalgia, inflammation and so on.

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We are asked about our cbd oil regularly and we must clarify that ‘any’ product derived from legal hemp does not contain THC and is not from the same species of cannabis plant that provides the more powerful cocktail of chemicals.

It does seem however to show benefits to some people as a general health/well being supplement and relief from various symptoms.

What also appreciate that it is a useful tool in the fight against cannabis legislation itself because after all, we are simply looking to relieve our problems with natural organic products.

The more we can fit cannabis in general into that herb and health bracket the better. With that in mind we simply tried to source a local product that fitted in with most of our own ideals, from being sustainable, organic, non profit, community minded etc

Both our own medical cannabis association and the CDBnetwork urge the authorities to become aware of the plight of many patients who find this natural organic cbd oil gives relief from their ailments and to be recognized ‘officially’ by the health system, thus reducing the cost of treatments and allowing easier access to them.

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