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Our CBDNetwork is a non-profit association that produces CBD (Cannabidiol) products from LEGAL organic hemp. The association is made up of people like you; moms, dads, patients, teachers and professionals all with the intention of producing hemp products as cost effectively as possible.

These CBD products are produced organically from seed to product right here in Spain, are 100% certified and legal and are as far as we are aware the only producer to have a government certificate of ‘Sanitario’ meaning the methods and all ingredients are scrutinised and approved as clean for consumption. It’s the highest recognised standard you can get here in Spain and as high as anywhere in the EU..

Any receipts, invoices etc are all handled by Granjacia our registered distribution company It basically saves having cannabis related information on people’s documents.

CBD oil is often derived from hemp stalks rather than the flowers of the plant and the extraction process only keeps the Cannabidiol, discarding other cannabinoids like CBG, CBDA, CBC and CBN that are naturally found within the flowers of the hemp plant. These are all enormously beneficial in their own right, but when taken together they create a synergy known as “The Entourage Effect”.

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