Is Cannabis Legal in Spain?

Yes and No…

However, since Spanish drug laws cannot reach into homes and other privately-owned spaces, the reach of the state’s drug policy is limited to public space.

“The beauty of growing one’s own cannabis at home is that it completely eliminates the need to incur the infraction of buying and carrying it out in the street, where they can bust you. By virtue of this, there is no law being broken, since what one does at home is not the state’s concern”

However, it must be noted that a ‘bad neighbour’ can still report you and if busted then it is up to you to prove that it is for personal use only. That is a risky business so utmost discretion is still the sensible option. Our Association recommends never growing more than a few plants for personal consumption and we advise never selling it, not even to close friends.

I will sum up the main points below but if I had to give a conclusion then it’s all about common sense. If you need cannabis for your medicine and produce it at home for yourself to remove the need to look on the black market AND just keep this private information then go ahead and grow.

Main points

1. Consumption and possession

Use of drugs in a private place is allowed. Possession or use of drugs in a public place (in the street, on a bus, in your own car if it is in the street, in a bar, etc. is not a crime, but it a law against the public: Expect a fine of 300 Euros +

2. Cultivation

Growing cannabis for your own use, be it for recreational or medicinal purposes is allowed. BUT if the judge thinks that this cultivation is not just for personal use, it will be a crime! Expect a sentence of from 1 to 3 years.

3. Distribution

Selling drugs is a real crime. For cannabis, the conviction starts from about 1 year till 3 years of jail and a fine. Much higher for very large quantities and/or previous convictions.

4. Provision of seeds, equipment, paraphernalia.

It is legal to sell or to buy seeds and other hemp products including Hemp CBD Oil.

For more information on the legalities of cannabis consumption we recommend following FAC tho you will need to understand Spanish or have it translated.