CBD for Pets

#This product is available in store – cbd for pets

We like to help strengthen and support our members animals with our CBD-rich products to provide preventative care throughout their lives and restorative care when they are sick or in pain.

Being animal and nature lovers (currently we have at the homestead 6 dogs, 4 cats, 9 goats, 2 pigs and countless poultry all roaming free) we are always going to try and provide the best treatment for our pets and when one of our dogs ‘Pedro’ started having regular seizures and was not responding to conventional treatment we started using cbd oil, a legal product grown from organic hemp here in Spain.

The treatment has been very successful and Pedro’s seizures have reduced from an average of two seizures per day to perhaps one per month. Below is Pedro when he used to have regular seizures;

One of our other dogs ‘Dog’ suffers from degenerative disc disease and he has a prescription for an anti-inflammatory medication that can cause him liver damage and painkillers that have side effects too. For pets with serious conditions cannabinoids might offer relief without the harmful side effects.

Since ‘Dog’ has been on CBD drops in his food he has been running around like he was 5 years ago and now insists on going out to roam rather than sleep in the corner of the garden most of the day.

We are fortunate to have a progressive veterinarian who we keep informed about the treatments here so that the dogs (or other animals) can be monitored appropriately.

We are at the moment seeking dogs for a compassion program that will monitor the results of CBD on the pet’s diagnosis. This is located in the Alhaurin el Grande area of Malaga.

UPDATE October 2016: The group sessions we held locally were a big success with the majority of pets finding some relief and continuing the treatment. We decided to team with cbdnetwork who specialise in organic and hemp products and can help with everything from packaging to storage of the retail products

January 2017: The product is available in store – cbd for pets